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FIT3D Body Scanning

Take your training to the next Level

Fit3D provides you with all the tools and analytics to monitor your training progress and see the results.

fit3d full body fitness scanner

Improve your fitness and training regimes with 3D body Scanning. Get compelling full body assessments that help you set targets and reach your body shape goals.

How Does it Work

1. Create an Account

Create a Free FIT3D account from your Phone, Tablet or PC & fill in your details on the registration form.

2. Take a Scan

Login to your account using the built in touch screen on the scanner. Step onto the machine & follow the instructions to complete your scan. Data is sent to the FIT3D cloud for processing.

3. Results Delivered

Digital reports are emailed to you and available on your account within minutes.

Detailed Data & Reports

Before & After Avatars

Seeing is believing. Unlike BIA reports, FIT3D shows you where & how your body is changing.

Metrics that Matter

Body Fat percentage, Lean Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat Levels, and BMR figures will help you set goals.

Circumference Measurements

Get measured through a passive touchless experience.

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